How to Add Value to Your Artworks

Whether you produce your own artwork or purchase art that is made locally, it is important to present it as its best. This means finding places in your home that suit the subject matter and selecting light fittings that highlight it. Making your art appear more attractive can help to add to its desirability. With greater desirability comes a greater valuation that you are able to ascribe to any piece. For aspiring professional artists, in particular, presentation of finished artworks is they key element in achieving sales. How else can you add greater value to your art collection?


One of things that puts off people buying art, even if they like the image they see and get an immediate reaction from it, is that they know little about it. When displaying art that you want to add value to, add some information about the work to put it into more context. In a gallery show, this might involve providing a simple biography of the artist and something about the stage of their career that the work represents. In your home, provide a book about the artist for guests — and other potential collectors — to see. Remember that the more people know about a body of work, the more likely they will be to collect it too, thereby driving up the price of the pieces you own.

Picture Framing

Although not part of an artwork itself, custom framing can do a great deal to lift the overall desirability of a painting, photograph or lithograph. Be prepared to try outlandish and unconventional frames — such as those found on some mirrors, for example — rather than standard ones. However, any framed image is better than unframed art which appears to be undervalued by the owner or artist themselves. Think of an art frame as a means of adding to the charismatic appeal of any piece you have on display.


Original artworks are always more desirable than copies, but many artists do very well by producing limited edition prints of their works. If you choose to do this, then make sure that prints are numbered so that would-be buyers understand that their piece is one of only a few. Simply numbering it makes a print unique in a way, too. If you have produced an artwork from a photograph, then consider selling the negative along with the finished piece so that buyers know their image will remain one of a kind. All of these measures will help to add value to artworks by ensuring they are not viewed as mass-produced trinkets but real objets d'art.